02 April 2014

Death Comes to Pemberley (BBC, 2013)

Not my cuppa, really, but hey — Anna Maxwell Martin from The Bletchley Circle is in it. Ooh, and Matthew Rhys from The Americans.

And buckets of wonderfully English faces, almost all of them familiar but according to IMDb this is the first time I've seen them.

Oh yes, and horses for the wife. And dresses. And period interior design.

An entertaining three hours in Austen-land.

24 March 2014

True Detective S01

Great cast. Nimble, understated direction. Plotting and characterisation that was familiar yet compelling.

This would've been a keeper except for the final ep. Too many questions were raised, topmost among them: does one paint one's ears when painting a house?  And the ending in which we see what happens after the climax — not a noir convention, I believe.

But still: what a show in those first six and three-quarter eps.

Bring on season two.

15 February 2014

Boardwalk Empire S04

Not the most consistent season but it ends fucking terrifically.

So long, Mr Harrow: ave atque vale.

31 January 2014

The Bletchley Circle S02 — Debrief

Well… that was terribly disappointing.

And they switched out Anna Maxwell Martin, the bastards. (I don't care if she's been busy with Alpha Papa and Philomena.)


07 January 2014

The Bletchley Circle S02

The alumni of Bletchley Park return, despite — and in answer to — my fear and desire.

I am just tickled goddamned pink.

26 December 2013

Saving Mr Banks (2013; John Lee Hancock / Kelly Marcel and Sue Smith)

Who here remembers Sunday evenings in front of the box for an hour with Disney and friends? Who here has watched Mary Poppins ad nauseum in this lifetime? Who here is a fan of Emma Thompson, Paul Giamatti, and Colin Farrell?

I don’t think I did too shabbily with two out of the above three, and I don't think not having watched Mary Poppins in its entirety detracted at all from my enjoyment of this film.

Great writing that shines all the more with perfect casting and deft direction, Saving Mr Banks was a stellar watch in the closing daylight hours of a Christmas Day.

Ho ho ho.